Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We are a Non-for-Profit organization called “St. Patrick's Worldwide Organisation” in Ireland, whose goal is to build a Monastery according to the old Celtic Christian Orthodox Tradition

Together with a Community Centre, in which the Monastery and its monks will be actively involved, toward: spreading the word of God, teaching the youth, helping the homeless, helping people build healthy families based on Orthodox Christian values, helping the people who fell into psychological/spiritual hardship, etc.

I am sure you know that Ireland was an important nest of Early Christianity, brought here by the Egyptians in IV a.d. Century, and which stayed here as late as XII a.d., the time of Normans invassion who imposed their rule by the way of sword. This changed the Christian way of life on the island the same way.

The monks from the Irish Islands created a very strong monastic culture, and the common people found refuge, tuition, counselling, food and so on in th Celtic Monasteries. Later, the Irish monks exercised a strong missionary activity in Europe in the time when it was battered by the pagans, attacking from all the sides. This time is also known as the Dark Age in the European History. The testimony of the Celtic Christian monks is found in the Celtic Christian Art, found in France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway and many other countries of Europe.

Ireland is known as an island of “Saints and Scholars”, where almost all of the saints come from the time of the Orthodox Christianity, between IV and XII a.d.

Unfortunately, only the numerous ruins of Celtic Orthodox Christian Churches and Monastic Sites across the country remain as reminders of those golden years, which are called in nowadays history, the age of Gaelic or Celtic Christianity.

The Social and Political state of things in Ireland will make it easy to get the support of the people for such a project. After getting the independence from the British, Ireland started reviving its Gaelic Language and its Gaelic Sports, and started preserving the Celtic Monastic Ruins, this way trying to revive the national identity and the pride of being Irish, and descendants of Celts and Gals

Such a project as ours will be unique in its style, and attracts people's attention for its cultural value. There are many instances of people coming back to Christianity after initially being attracted merely by the Christian art.

Our goal is to bring back this legacy, by creating a Celtic Orthodox Christian Monastery. honouring All the Irish Saints, and trying to replicate the way of life, architecture, robes, ornaments, iconography and even bring back some of the Celtic psalms and prayers.

We would be delighted to get a possibility to have this Monastery open to all the Orthodox Christians in this country, regardless of their nationality - which are Russian, Greeks, Romanians, Bulgarians, Arabs, Ukrainians, Polish, Irish and so on - under the rule of Mount 's Athos Administration. In tandem with this, we pray for the possibility of a Community Centre for a high involvement with the aforementioned community, which counts around 150,000 people.

Such a project would support the needs of the actual Orthodox people in Ireland, and will also attract a lot of new sympathisers among the Irish people, who research deeper and deeper their roots and shape their national identity.

We found a house with 2.5 Hectares of land, near the town of Kilkelly, and very close to the Knock Shrine, where there are testimonies of apparition of Holy Mother Mary, once in the 19th Century and once in July last year, which would be a perfect place for a Monastery.

At the same time, we found a very centrally located building in Dublin, on North Circular Road, for a very low price, and which would perfectly accommodate a Community Centre.

I hope that you will find our project useful and we also hope that you could support us with your powerful prayers as well as with your kind contributions, be it voluntary work, donations, speciality advice, and so on.

Vitalie Codreanu

Director of “St. Patrick's Worldwide People's Organisation” Company Limited by Guarantee